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The Curious Case of Engagement Rings

May 2016

Since a long long time ago, engagement rings carry great importance and significance where when a woman accepts a marriage proposal from a man, she agrees to go into a special union with him. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

But have you ever wondered what goes on before he pops the question? Can you just imagine the stress a man goes through to find the perfect ring for his special one?

Of course, one can very easily walk into a jewellery store and purchase an off-the-rack engagement ring, but here at Stelliyah, we are paying tribute to those who have taken the extra step to make sure that they can get something much more special than that.

From the time we started making commissioned pieces, we have encountered several guys coming to us with absolutely no clue about jewellery, but with a sincere heart and a great desire to make something special and unique for their special someone. And that is when WE come in...

Engagement ring made for someone who loves nature, fitted specially with her birthstone - a beautiful Moonstone.


Firstly, we try to get to know more about the lady we are designing the ring for. It is a great joy on our side to listen to a client describe his partner – about her hobbies, personal style, character, etc. Sometimes we are even shown photographs and it helps us to know about her a little bit more, and with this understanding, it allows us to give better ideas and propose suitable designs to our client.


This one was made specially for someone who expresses through colours, and her partner wanted to commission something that suited her personality. So we selected a beautiful periwinkle Tanzanite stone with a brilliant sparkle on a simplistic yet unique design.


At times, the guy will even let us know specifically if his partner likes a particular stone or colour, which may help us greatly in the selection of a gemstone for the ring.

Finally, once the ring has been designed and fabricated, the finished product does not only bear our design and craftsmanship, but more importantly, it is a ring made by our client, who invested time, money, and lots of understanding of what their partner is like, which to us, is definitely more meaningful than buying off-the-rack.

Well you see, until you invest significant time and thought into the process of making sure that you can get the most suitable ring made only for the most special person in your life, a ring will always just remain a ring.

So here at Stelliyah, we take our hats off to all the guys who have invested emotionally (not just financially...) into wanting to make that one special ring for that special person.

And of course, to view some past commissioned works that we have done, check it out here.

Till next time.