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Whiskerbeard the hero


Once upon a time, there was this super cool green cat called Whiskerbeard. He had the most awesome tattoos ever. They were like magic pictures on his fur. One day, some sneaky squirrels stole all the catnip in the city, and it was a BIG problem.

But guess what? Whiskerbeard woke up and saw what happened. He was like, "No way, squirrels!" He jumped up and his tattoos came alive! They turned into these crazy creatures that helped him catch those sneaky squirrels.

Everyone in the city was so happy. They called Whiskerbeard a hero, and he became famous. Now, all the cats want tattoos like his, so they can be cool and brave too!



- Hand sculpted and painted air dry clay pendant

- Mix of glass and plastic beads

- Silver plated hardware

- Length: 40.5cm + 5cm (extension)

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