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Starry Boy Necklace

$64.00 SGD

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Andy, and guess what? He had special blue overalls that did magic stuff. One day, Andy went exploring in a super dark cave, and when he put on his overalls, they started glowing like magic!

Inside the cave, he found talking crystals. They were like little friends telling secrets. They showed him a treasure map, all hidden and mysterious.

Andy and his magical blue overalls went on an exciting adventure. They met cheeky fairies and a friendly dragon, who loved his cool overalls. They had so much fun together, solving riddles and facing challenges while giggling non-stop.

Finally, they found a treasure chest filled with shiny stars! And guess what happened next? His magical overalls absorbed the stars! Now, Andy could make the sky sparkle with beautiful starry patterns.

From that day on, everyone called him "Starry Boy." He made the village so happy with his amazing overalls and taught everyone that surprises and magic can be anywhere, even in dark caves.



- Hand sculpted and painted air dry clay pendant

- Mix of glass and plastic beads

- Silver plated hardware

- Length: 41cm + 5cm (extension)

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